Terms and Conditions

PLEASE NOTE:  Surface or hairline cracks may not be covered
SHIFTING and SETTLING:  It is common for driveways, sidewalks,
porches, patios and garage floors to have some cracking or shifting
over time.  This is not necessarily a sign of poor workmanship.  There
is no way for us to prevent sub-grade settling, underground root
growth or shrinkage of the subsurface layers.  We CANNOT warranty
against settling because the sub-grade level is beyond our control.
Customer Care
THE DO NOT'S:  1) Do not drive on "new" concrete for at least 7 days.
 2) Do not allow water to drain beneath the slab as this may cause
settlement cracks.  3) Do not use salt or other de-icing chemicals on
the concrete (This is especially harmful during the first winter).  If at
all possible, hose off your car of any street salt before parking on
concrete. 4) Do not allow your dog's urine (on your decorative
concrete) to cycle through the numerous freeze-thaw cycles during
the winter.  Dog urine is extreme acidic and can cause damage to
your decorative concrete.  We recommend cleaning it as soon as you
witness it.
Re-Sealing Decorative Concrete
It is important to note that we do not warranty sealer related failures.
 Surface maintenance is out of our control as heavy traffic, heavy use
and severe weather may and can negatively influence the
performance of the sealer.  The care and maintenance of decorative
concrete is the homeowner's sole responsibility  The frequency with
which you should reseal your concrete will depend on the area’s
exposure to cars, foot traffic, and any chemicals the decorative
concrete is exposed to such as chlorine, salt water, stabilizer and the
like.  We highly recommend that stamped concrete projects be kept
clean and resealed every other year or as needed.  The longer you
wait, the more likely you may notice the surface color fade slightly.
 Keeping a fresh coat of sealer will protect and keep the color as
vibrant as the day it was installed.  However, keep in mind, too much
sealer can cause a host of other problems, the most common is
Any color in concrete has an additional charge and this is paid directly to the concrete company.
We not guarantee the color into the concrete because we not make the color, we only installing the concrete